None More Black

Icons LP

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It was so refreshing to work with NMB again. I am so glad they decided to put out another record. Jason called me early in 2010 to let me know and threw out the term "escape art". We talked a bit about the wonder of Houdini and I scoured the interweb for visual references. I already lean heavily on victorian design anyway so it wasn't a stretch for me to think about a turn of the century magician and escapologist* (*wikipedia). This being the fourth record I've do with NMB I also paid attention to the visual vocabulary I had been setting up since the first record "File Under Black". So some of the toys that I used as archetypes from the first record (and third) appear yet again as well as those fantastic German to English illustrations. I introduced new elements as I do every time around. It is important to allow the aesthetic growing room.

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